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Our Safety Precautions in Place for COVID


Penncrest Class of 70 Reunion COVID Policy

Our COVID Policy in Place for our Reunion - UPDATED!

Due to our age, we are more vulnerable to COVID. Many of us also have health conditions which increase our respective vulnerabilities. We interact with family members, and have unvaccinated grandchildren we do not want to infect. Since the Reunion involves interacting closely with people while eating, drinking, dancing and sitting next to at tables, masking and social distancing is not an option, nor is it desirable. We want our Reunion to be both fun and as safe as possible. In order to keep all of us as safe as possible, the following COVID Policy will be in effect. Your registration for the event indicates your agreement to comply with the following COVID Policy.

At the registration table on the night of the Reunion, all attendees are required to provide proof of vaccination. Please understand that you will NOT be permitted into the Reunion unless you show your CDC vaccination card or a photo of said card.


COVID policy for Class of 70 Reunion

Getting Your Vaccination Card

When you receive your vaccination, the vendor providing the shot will hand you a vaccination card to show when you want to prove you're vaccinated. IF you can't find that card, you can go back to the original location that you received the vaccination from and request a new card. Some states and some medical facilities make it possible to access your vaccination record online and copy it to your phone or print it out that way. PA is currently working on a system to provide this service, but it is not operational yet. Your only option in PA is getting a replacement from the facility that gave you the vaccine.