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This page is to pay tribute and celebrate the life of those classmates who have left us.

The Comfort and Sweetness of Peace

After the clouds, the sunshine,
after the winter, the spring,
after the shower, the rainbow,
for life is a changeable thing.
After the night, the morning,
bidding all darkness cease,
after life's cares and sorrows,
the comfort and sweetness of peace.

Helen Steiner Rice

'Say not in grief 'he is no more' but live in thankfulness that he was'

Hebrew proverb


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  • Name
  • A. James Grant III
  • Alan Schiller
  • Andrew Harrison
  • Arthur Lee
  • Brian Schreckengast
  • Bruce M. Grassano
  • Carol Bynum Barksdale
  • Carol Seum Owens
  • Catherine D'Antonio Brutsche
  • Clement (Chip) Dinon
  • Craig Glindmyer
  • Daryl Trimmell
  • David Tator
  • David G. Hibberd
  • David Moreno
  • Deborah Hughes
  • Delores Washington
  • Denise Ford
  • Dennis Knoetgen
  • Donna Pride
  • Elwyn Jones
  • Fleur Johnson-Muller
  • Gary Moon
  • Gary Graybeal
  • James (Ray) George
  • Jan Hettich
  • Jeff Brong
  • Joseph Maglio
  • Karen Shaw
  • Margaret Kintzler
  • Mark Hoffman
  • Mark Archer
  • Mary Green Diamond
  • Maurice Fox
  • Meg Wolf
  • Michael Hudak
  • Michael Jordan
  • Page Torchiana Thomson
  • Patricia Morrisey
  • Peter Cooke
  • Ralph Laxton
  • Rich Guarani
  • Rich Welfley
  • Ronald Scott
  • Scott Miller
  • Terence Rines
  • William Nagle
  • William Booth
  • William Grigg
  • William (Eric) Hall