Welcome to the Penncrest Class of 1970 website

Welcome to the Penncrest High School Class of 1970 website!

This website has been donated to the entire Penncrest Class of 1970 for their viewing pleasure to catch up with and/or keep up with other classmates as well as get the news about Reunions. And if anyone is curious, my count for the total number of classmates we had for the Class of 1970 is 467! It surprised me!

If you have ideas of how this website could better serve you, please feel free to share them. Currently planned additions include a page of class members organized by state, so you can see who lives near you or where everyone ended up. I will also include a page of photos if people send them in, and include a short paragraph of info with them, as soon as I get a few to be able to put the page up for you. Feel free to use the Contact Me Page or you may email me directly at Click on My Direct Email Link Here to send photos or news you'd like to share.