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Complaints, Kudos, Suggestions or Just to Say Hi!

In the past, I have received some great emails and phone calls from different people in the class, filling me in on what they've been up to for the last umpteen years. I have thoroughly enjoyed those, and thank you! Many have expressed gratitude for my efforts to do this website, and again, I thank you for not only appreciating the website, but taking the time to express that appreciation. It does take a bit of work to put this website together, and sometimes I do wonder what I was thinking taking this on. It helps to hear that its appreciated.

Just for everyone's clarity, some things haven't changed that much since we were in school. I am still a bit of a 'rogue agent' and I do this website of my own volition to benefit all of the class members as a donation. I'm not on the Reunion Committee, or any Committees, clubs were never really my thing, and even now I barely belong to my grocery store club and that's only because IT gives me advantageous pricing as a member! But I have also received some complaints, which amazed me a bit! Some people actively dislike and disapprove of this website, and you know? I guess that's to be expected? And my response to them is simply, Well ok, Don't USE IT then! Using this website is not a requirement for anything. You don't have go away mad, but you don't have to stay either!

There have also been some 'suggestions' of how to improve the website and things that people think I should include on it, which again, kind of amazes me, most specifically because these 'arm chair quarterbacks' can barely type an email, let alone have a clue what goes into building a website! My response to that is pretty easy. If there are things you think should be on this website, or things you think it should do that it doesn't currently, well you have a couple of options! One) Build a better one and I'll happily take this one down and let you manage your own website yourself. I'll even donate the URL for your use. Two) Or I can incorporate your ideas for you, build them into the website but my hourly rate is $110 and I do require advance payment. You're welcome to Contact Me Here unless it is to insult me. And again, I donate this website, its hosting and costs, the time to build it and populate it with info. I don't do complaints however, on donated websites.

As I get the time, I will be adding 'news' tidbits about different people as I get interesting information to share. Quite a few of our class members have led very interesting lives and have done some commendable things. We have talented artists and musicians in our group. There are doctors and nurses and lawyers and engineers and scientists. Some of us went into the IT world. Some shared themselves with others as teachers and some found their way through the corporate maze in varying capacities. There are some who left their mark on the hospitality industry, some who went into marketing and advertising, we have entrepeneurs and craftsmen in our group and at least one AKC dog show judge!

Many of our class found ways to 'give back' to society too, from animal rescue, to working as 'first responders' to working with the disabled and kids with disabilities or victims of abuse. We were an impressive group in 1970 and we grew into our potential to be impressive well. We should be proud of our class and I am!