Welcome to the Penncrest Class of 1970 website

Volunteers Welcome!

I decided to build this website originally because I never heard about any reunions or any class members after I moved out of the area. When I'd ask other class members if they'd heard about the Reunions, they hadn't heard anything either. I guess there was originally a list of people and their contact info that got lost along the way and after that, no one really knew how to go about finding all of us as we blew to the four winds across the globe and got married and changed our names. Although the Reunion Committee did advertise in the local paper there, well, they don't distribute that paper very far and definitely not in Seattle. And reality is, not that many of our generation is all that techy, and I just happen to have some of those skills, so I decided to build the first website in 2005 and now this new and improved website this year (2019), to help everyone find the Reunion info and reach out to our class members to be sure they do hear about the Reunions.

Finding all these class members is a bit of a chore. I search for each one individually on Facebook, Linked In, Classmates.com, Spokeo and other 'white pages' websites, I look them up on "Google" too, and a few I've gone so far as to search for via professional associations they may belong to. I work on it as my time allows, it is a little tedious, it isn't always successful and I'd love help!

If you would like to try to find a few, or if you know how to contact anyone on the Missing List or have ANY information on where they live now, or their last name if they've gotten married, or know how to contact their sisters, brothers, cousins or children you can: 1) Contact them yourself and tell them about/invite them to this website and the Class Facebook page. 2) Contact me directly with what information you have and I'll pursue it further. Contact Me Here. I'd appreciate any help if you have time to look for some of these people. Again, just contact me with any info you find, and thank you!

I really would like to be able to reach everyone so that no one is left out on being contacted about the Reunion.